Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just backing up the email I sent out about my summing up slide show that missed the big night's presentation because I was just too embroiled in other stuff.



Hala said...


I'm leaving this comment in hopes that I won't upset anyone. Last night, my husband and I were googling old friends, and he googled the name of a parent of one of the children in this class.

We were surprised to find this blog, with pictures of all the children, the school's name and address, locations of field trips, and on occasion links to the personal flickr accounts of some of the class families. This is completely none of my business, but I'm a NYC mom of two kids, and something like this would really scare me. I don't know if you all have realized quite how google-able this site is, and that almost anyone who knew one of the adult's names could surf in and have access to many pictures and much info about the children.

I just wanted to mention that blogger allows for the password-protection of their sites. Honestly, I think this site is a lovely idea for a kindergarten class, but I do think it should be family-only.

Paul Treacy said...

Lighten up, Hala.