Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MOMA Shots Part 1

Here are some of the shots I made during the trip to MOMA. I hope we'll see some more from the other folks present.

I'll post more on the morrow.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

More pictures from Hispanic Heritage

Daita, I hope you don't mind my editing your post but I thought it better to make the link clickable. So here goes...
Daita's Celebration pictures


After trying a couple of times I finally figured out (I think!) how to post on this blog.

Here is a link to the pictures I took at the celebration:


Daita (Claire's mom)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick note

Please see quick poll at right regarding posting images etc..

Hispanic Festival Day

Just pictures...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Looking for Sewers

Thanks PAUL! Rock and ROLL!

This is Jonathan, BettyAnn's dad.

I"ve been talking with Miss Shrem about the idea of taking the kids' artwork and turning it into a quilt. The idea started when the kindergarteners MADE a "quilt" of construction paper and tape (which many of you have--no doubt--seen, hanging in the hall across from the lunch room)
and we started batting back and forth the idea of turning that piece of artwork into an "actual" quilt.

After several conversations, the idea has matured into a larger one: we think it would be nice to make a SCHOOLWIDE quilt of the kids' artwork--not only kindergarteners, but the grades above as well. Each kid (and there are about 110 in the whole school) would make a "square" which would then be transferred to fabric (or created on fabric in the first place), backed with another fabric, filled with quilt batting, and sewn. Then ALLLLL the pieces would be sewn together into a single quilt (by us, the parents, via a series of "quilting bees."

Huge idea, I know. But the idea (I think) is that we could auction it off as a fundraiser for the school, and maybe make several million dollars. And by "several million dollars" I mean "considerably less than several million dollars, but still an impressive amount."

So I'm bringing the idea to the kindergarteners mom's and dads and grandmoms and granddads and aunts and uncles and guardians and nanny's etc., in hopes that WE can provide the impetus that gets this project going.

I know Rachel (Emma's mommy) has expressed interest, has some sewing experience and maybe even a ....get this...SEWING MACHINE. If you have a) interest, b) a sewing machine or c) experience as a sewer of stuff, could you please respond? We'll need an enormous amount of help to get 110 squares sewn together. Once that is done we can have some fun "quilting bee" get togethers where we get to know each other, yammer about the kids, and maybe even gnosh a bit and/or imbibe a drink or two.

Please consider me the point person for this project, at least at this early stage. I'm the sort of dumpy guy with the mostly gray hair and beard that drops off BettyAnn most mornings.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome everyone

Initially I was going to set up a Facebook group but thought that a blog would be much simpler and more fun. I have been blogging for a while and it's really very easy.

Please post and say hello. Upload pictures, movies, whatever you like.

I've got lots of images to post from the wonderful dancing and singing yesterday.

I look forward to seeing how this blog fleshes out. I would also encourage parents to post some of their children's art work. Let's make this blog a fun place for everyone, including the kids.

Good luck.

Paul Treacy